Slideshow Alternatives

While a good slideshow is always a crowd-pleaser, there are a few new trends that I really love, and one of them we used for our wedding!

A newish service offered by video companies with the right equipment and talent, called Same-Day-Edits, takes the pre-ceremony getting ready footage and the ceremony itself, and quickly cuts them together into a highlight reel of the day to show at dinner.  It’s a great way to share the excitement and prep from earlier in the day, and relive the best moments of the vows, with the guests.  My favorite company who does amazing and moving same-day-edits is Still Motion, out of Canada. Here’s one of my absolute favorites:

Cheryl + Andrew’s SDE – Vancouver from stillmotion on Vimeo.

The adorable Mrs. Eggplant and her hubby made a really sweet music video to show at their reception, just before entering the hall for their grand entrance.  I love how personal and “them” the video is, and it really reflects a lot about their relationship:

Another trend catching speed is the video Love Story, in which the happy couple recounts the early days of their relationship and what has lead them down the aisle after many happy years.  When our videography company (Digital Princess Productions) offered us the opportunity to film a love story, we knew we wanted to shake things up a bit and keep true to our creative, hammy personalities.  So, Hunter whipped up his version of our love story, and together we created The Fresh Hubby of LA.  When we showed this at our reception, the reaction was overwhelming.  The crowd demanded an encore – tears of surprise and delight rolling from their eyes.  It was definitely the last thing anyone expected, but it absolutely set a tone of fun, irreverent and exciting energy that kicked our party off just right!

What other cute slideshow alternatives have you seen at weddings?  Are you doing something unique for yours?