I Tried It

Yup, I tried that DIY painted glass jars thing that has been popping up around the blogs (I originally saw it on BridalBuzz), and it didn’t turn out as I had expected. I’m not giving up though!

I used a Gold Peak iced tea bottle, the same glass stuff that they described on BridalBuzz, but did not use a fan brush. The paint stuff goes on like nail polish…ya know how if nail polish dries just slightly and if the brush doesn’t have enough polish on it but you swipe it on the nail anyway? How it kinda pulls at it and makes it all bumpy and clumpy? Yeah, that’s what I dealt with.

I had a hard time mixing it too. I think the brush I used just soaked up too much paint because the amounts described in the tutorial were DEFINITELY not enough to do my bottle (which I think is probably smaller than a ball jar?). Instead of tupperware, I flipped the bottle upside-down and placed it on a bottle of rioja :) It was the perfect size to hold it!

Just after I painted it, but before baking it:


Here’s the final result with some water and birthday sunflowers:


{ photos by me, sunflowers courtesy of Mr. :) }

So, it turned out pretty streaky. Either way, it’s still a whole lot nicer than a plain bottle. I plan on trying it again with a fan brush next time. I’ll keep ya posted! If you’ve tried this and have had better luck, let me know!!!