Wedding Week

It’s finally time to start the much anticipated wedding recaps! Much anticipated on my end, at least. I want to remember every moment, every emotion, every detail. It really is true that the day — the week, actually — will just fly by. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself where I am today: happily married and still marveling in the loveliness that was our wedding day.

Before I get started, let me offer two bits of advice that made my week much more manageable.

First, if possible, take off work the week of your wedding. I can’t imagine having to juggle job assignments along with wedding prep.

Second, find some time to relax – I mean, a bride needs her beauty rest, right? Yes, there are errands to run, projects to finish, gifts to wrap. But, if you’re lucky like me, you’ll have a whole crew of family and friends who are ready and willing to help. Don’t decline their offers!

Now let me give you the rundown on what kept me and my team busy during wedding week:

*Tied red and orange ribbons to 80 mason jars filled with river pebbles and candles (total cost ~ $1.10 per jar)


* Painted barn wood signs (thanks to my artistic sis)


* Printed and assembled “Just Married” sign (instructions found here)

* Prepared bird cage for cards (purchased here)


* Created table name cards with names and photos of places Nick and I have visited together
* Printed escort cards and created a display from wooden beams, twine, and clothespins (thanks to my industrious father)
* Completed ceremony program fans (thanks to my über patient mother, details to come)
* Assembled sparklers and matchboxes (thanks to my groom, details to come)
* Printed chalkboard signs for food and drink menus
* Wrapped favors (with much appreciated help from my sister-in-law, and I can’t wait to tell you what was inside!)


* Stuffed out of town bags with Hershey’s kisses, granola bars, pretzels, bottles of water with our monogram, and Penn State paw print cookies baked by my generous sister-in-law (big thanks to all of my in-laws)

We also did quite a bit of running around. Dad helped with one very big beer run; Sister accompanied me on a last minute shopping trip; Mom came along to pick up my dress and our wedding bands and some incredibly important umbrellas; Groom bought alcohol for our signature drinks; Dad and Brother dropped off items with our caterer and paid final bills.

Whew! And, believe it or not, I also decided to host a cookout for my family and in-laws just two days before the wedding. Actually, the chopping and mixing and sautéing was surprisingly therapeutic. And everyone thoroughly enjoyed the time together. Nick’s parents came from California, his brother and sister-in-law came from Germany, his other brother and family came from Michigan, his sister came from Virginia, and my brother came from New Jersey. That’s a lot of traveling by some very important people. We’re so grateful they were all able to join us!

How far are your family members and friends traveling to be with you on your big day?




Next: We rehearse!