One Less – Bought the Dress!

After months of mental anguish over dress shopping, I finally did it – I bought the dress of my dreams.  I found the dress online and swooned over it a year before my fiance proposed to me – at a time when I was only dreaming of our pending engagement.  I tried in on weeks after the proposal and fell madly in love.  However, I tried to test fate by going out to a gazillion other bridal salons and trying on over 150 gowns to no avail.  I stopped competing with destiny and bought the dress I’ve had my eyes on since 2008, also buying the classic, dreamy cathedral length veil w/blusher at the same time.  I feel so calm and happy about my decision I know it was the right choice.  I am linking it right here – still can’t bring myself to display it out in the open for the public (my fiance) to see.  Click on the runway tab at the bottom to see the back…swoon.

On a similar note, I thought I’d share a big tip about shopping for bridal gowns , since you know, I’ve kind of become an expert after all.  Always ask for a discount.  That’s it.   Every single time I asked for a discount – without hesitation, the sales associate gave me atleast a 10% discount.  I would try to negotiate even more than that if you are buying a veil, purchasing your bridesmaids dresses, or any other accessories there.  Don’t pay full price no matter how high-end the salon.  Don’t be intimidated.  For the record, I went to arguably the highest-end salons in Chicago and Manhattan and got the same discount just by asking.  Happy shopping!  I’m moving on.  Dress, check.