So this is the end!

Well, EAD, we’ve come to this…my last wedding recap!

What a wonderful, beautiful, joyful, and emotional journey this has been, blogging and sharing with you lovely readers.


The final images I wanted to leave you with were from our exciting exit from the reception!  Originally we had wanted sparklers, but due to Colorado fire dangers, they aren’t allowed….


We didn’t leave the reception until about 11 p.m., so bubbles, sparkles, anything like that would have been lost in the dark!  So, as you may have ascertained….we went with flags!


I was inspired by the multitudes of beautiful pennant banners we’ve seen in a lot of weddings lately.  By putting a different twist on them, we made them into flags that guests could wave joyously as we escaped into the night!


To make these eco-friendly, we used scrap fabric from my mother’s old collection or leftover scraps from the fabric store.  We assembly-line produced them (thanks, Lisa and Eric!) by using pinking shears to cut the shape out (we used a pattern I made earlier to keep the shape and size consistent) and glue the fabric to a small wood dowel using fabric glue.  It was a very simple project that was fun and added a splash of color to the wedding…and I love looking back at the photos and seeing people wave them with reckless abandon!

How are you making your exit your own?

Again, I’ve enjoyed sharing my wedding with you all so, so, so much.  I’m not gone forever, though…I’m blogging over on EAD Living and I’ll still be posting here occasionally… keep an eye out for my still upcoming new business!

Much love,