Your Colors are PINK and PINK

There was another bride at the salon for my hair trial – she was with her mom and bridesmaids. They were sipping mimosas and enjoying bagels with the stylists, taking turns having their hair done. The bride had a pretty veil and really cute short hair, super shiny and full of volume. There she is in the corner behind me – bride and bride-in-training.


I really liked how my hair turned out for the test run. But it didn’t stay “up” very well, partly because I have a ton of unruly hair, partly because it had been messed with too much, and partly because it needed better pins. Those pins shaped like a U never work for me – do they for anyone? I need the grippy ones you have to pry open, and an entire can of hairspray.

And here’s the last of the difficult questions. Hairstyle chosen, menu approved, timeline set, song list delivered. But what color will I paint my fingernails?


Dear Future Julia,

Please stop buying neutral nail polishes. You have too many, and you are not very good with minor decisions.


Tomorrow is the big day!