Paper Talk

After the church and reception venue were booked and the date was set, it was time to think about our Save the Dates.  Matt and I were talking one night and decided that we wanted to create a map chronicling the paths we each took to find each other and where we are now.  We both went off to college, moved across the country after graduation, and met as two midwestern kids in NYC before getting engaged and moving to Memphis. And now we were planning a wedding in Louisville. Whew.  It wears me out to just write it.  I mentioned our idea on Pretty Bride and soon Laura Hooper came to the rescue.


Our save the dates were a hit!  Now, it was on to invitations. Early on in the process I decided that I wanted us to create the invitations ourselves. Please note that I am not a graphic designer or a craft-maker extraordinaire. However, this seemed like something we could do and a great way to save some money that I could use on something else.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a long process. If I was going to do it, I wanted to do it right. I ordered all of the paper and envelopes from Paper and More. I ordered black pocketfold invitations and enough paper for the invitation text and three inserts (RSVP card, directions, reception card). I purchased paper to line the envelopes and the lattice hole puncher from Michaels. Matt and I spent many nights cutting, hole punching, gluing, printing and stuffing. If you ask me, it was completely worth it. If you ask Matt – well – actually forget that, just trust me on this one.

Below is the final product. The stamps were a picture of the dessert from the night we got engaged that says “She Said Yes.” I used it on the cover of our guest book as well.





Are you DIY’ing your wedding invitations?

Up tomorrow: finding the dress!