Church Decor Inspiration

With all the ideas I have for our reception, I am left pretty blank on inspiration for the church. There are FAR fewer photos of churches in all the inspirational blogs and so it hasn’t really been on the top of my list to think about. So what exactly do people do?

Off the top of my head, the only things I can think about are altar decorations, pew decorations, and maybe something on the doors.

Let’s talk pews. Honestly, there are some seriously HIDEOUS pew decorations out there. Sorry to say, but just search “pew decorations” on etsy and…wow. It made searching such a drag.

Anyway, I was still able to find a couple pictures. You all know my love of ribbons!!

{ image via Modern Day Design }

{ image via snippet & ink }

Our church has a little hole in the top of every other pew…seems like you might be able to stick something in there like a hook or something to secure whatever you want to hang from it.

I loved this when I first saw it in Martha Stewart’s Weddings book, not as much now, but still I think it is pretty:

{ image via Martha Stewart }

I’m just not that in love with it to spend the money to get fresh flowers. On the other hand, I just found poms as pew decor!

{ photo by lauren cekim via weddingbee }

Moving on…Door decor?

{ image via Martha Stewart }

{ photo by Jennifer Brum }

{ image via Martha Stewart Weddings via Polka Dot Bride}

green leaf wreath with brown ribbon
{ photo by Sara France }

square green wreaths with white ribbons
{ photo by Patricia Lyons }

What else has everyone seen or done with their pews, doors, and altar?