Rockin’ the lens!

ack!  So I’m sorry for being MIA lately…I have good reasons…some of which I’ll share with you all very soon!  But I just COULD NOT WAIT to show you some of our Love Shoot pics!!  Khara is pretty much awesome and a half…and well…we’re kinda cute too :)


LOVE this black and white one…


Um if you can’t tell…we’re standing between 2 bus stops in this one…soooo cool!


oh so on our hunt to find corn…Khara spotted a tire swing…we took advantage and I LOVE how these turned out!!


CORN! …this is def one of my faves :)


So right as we were leaving for the airport…I had an idea.  I made these mugs for Lance for his bdays in the past as a joke…but they ended up being the PERFECT way to include our cats in our pics!!  I love how they turned out!


OK so it was seriously hard for me to only pick a few pics to post…so you absolutely MUST go see the rest…drop everything and hurry over to Khara’s blog…sooo worth it I promise!!

Then COME BACK and let me know what you think…I’m dying to know!

*obv all pics from the awesomeness that is Khara over at Kabloom!