Style Guide

Although I love fashion and adore shopping, wedding dress shopping was a different story. It took me a while to actually want to go dress shopping, but when I went, it was easy and fun. My mom and I met in Nashville (halfway between Memphis and Louisville) and I had made three appointments. The first was at The Bride Room and although I didn’t ultimately get my dress there, the experience could not have been better. I recommend it to anyone in the area.

While at The Bride Room, I fell in love with Monique Lhullier’s Monet dress, but it was out of my budget. Although I didn’t get that dress, I then had my heart set on a lace dress, which made the rest of the search much easier. I now knew what I wanted when I went into stores and could be much more efficient. I ultimately settled on this dress from Mikaella Bridal:


I have long hair (a few inches below my shoulders) and would have loved to leave it down, but since I knew it was going to be so hot out, that wasn’t an option. I was also open to the idea of wearing a flower in my hair. I found this bride’s photo on Our Blog of Love, which I loved and took with me to my hair trial…


I decided to let the ladies in our wedding choose the black dress of their choice. This was a personal choice and something I decided not to be picky about. I love the look of matching bridesmaid dresses, but it just wasn’t necessary for me. As for the guys, Matt and I liked the idea of everyone wearing black suit tuxes and our fathers wearing traditional tuxedos.

You’ll see the finished product later this week!

How are you outfitting your bridal party?