Before the Wedding

I mentioned before that there were some difficulties in planning our Louisville wedding from Memphis.  However, the biggest obstacle with this we never saw coming.  Matt and I were so excited about all of our family and friends being in town and in one place that we both stayed out a little too late the night before the wedding :).  What were we supposed to do – go to bed early so we would be fresh-faced for the wedding?  We only see most of these people a few times a year, so it was so special for us.

Regardless, the morning of the wedding was perfect in my mind.  I woke up at 7:00am ready, got Starbucks and was off to Z Salon for hair and makeup.  We had a wonderful time at the salon and I just remember feeling so calm and happy.  I told everyone to get to the church by 12:30pm even though we weren’t doing many pictures ahead of time.  It was not an option for the wedding to start late, so I would have rather everyone gotten there early.  The girls were in one room drinking mimosas, laughing and telling stories.  The boys on the other hand were… well…




And then… it was time…

*photos by 502 Photography