Donating Your Flowers


[Blooms from the Heart, San Diego, California]

In the wide world of wedding blogging, I feel as though flowers get the rep for being the most disposable, the one part of the day that very easily dies and ends up in the trash bag along with the plastic forks and paper plates used for the cake. For this reason, we’re doing potted plants for centerpieces, with the hope that 1) people will bring them home, or 2) they can be donated. Since the first will unlikely happen since most people are from out of town, I am very excited that our florist, Paula Rae of Rae Florae, introduced me to Blooms from the Heart, a San Diego organization which repurposes your event flowers by bringing them to hospitals, homeless shelters, senior care facilities, and other organizations in which they can be enjoyed and not tossed. This is a 100% volunteer run program, and Paula describes it as a top-notch non-profit with a big heart. They even take pictures of your flowers being delivered so you can see your flowers being given to a new home.

Are you planning to donate your wedding flowers?