Is it October already?

I am in total shock that my wedding is just about a month away – where did the time go? September was a total blur – starting with a last minute trip to Paris (I know, pretty amazing), followed closely by my bachelorette and Homecoming at Davidson. Then I had two fabulous showers in Brian’s hometown, and then a work trip to Chicago! And do you think I managed to get any wedding planning in during that time? No. I got back to my real life and had a melt down because of everything there is still left to do…

Well, fortunately I have amazing friends (one who drove down from Columbus, OH!) who helped me regain my sanity and excitement for all that is coming up.  We spent this past weekend getting the invitations ready to go out (they are amazing, even if they are a tidbit late going out…) and making plans for getting all the things left to do done.  I can’t believe it’s so close!

I have lots of upcoming projects and planning to tell you about, but before I dive into that I thought I would share some pictures from my adventures this past month. Enjoy!

First a few Paris ones…



Here are some from my bachelorette – we went to Bald Head Island on the North Carolina coast… it was amazing!


They sell wine at the ferry terminal (you have to take a ferry to get the BHI) – it was a great way to start off the weekend!


Sunset from the ferry on our way in…



The girls gave me jewelry instead of lingerie – so cute, right?!


In case you can’t see it, the shirt says “Princess” – very appropriate!

Since the showers in Brian’s hometown were so fun, I want to share more about them than just a few pictures… more on that soon!!

How’s everyone out there doing?  Are you in shock that it’s October, too, or is it just me?  Any last big summer hoorahs for you?