My Party Dress

I kinda wish I had seen this before I started this whole escapade of a dress hunt:

“You get to a point where there’s not much you can do but put on your fancy party dress, a pair of fabulous shoes and grab a bottle of cheap champagne to swig with your girls on the way to meet your groom.” – Cyd…via A Practical Wedding who adds on, “Once you start thinking of it as your party dress, the whole thing gets so much simpler. And better.”

{ dresses by etsy seller ILuvUTutuMuch }

Cause isn’t that really what it is, a party dress? That’s what I wanted at least.

I went to a total of 10 dress shops and probably tried on around 60ish dresses until finally I found THE dress! I’m not posting a picture of what it looks like because a) I still have a fear that somehow Mr. might find it, and b) no pictures exist of my dress (wasn’t allowed to take any there and there are no pictures online yet.)

Did I have that ohmygodthisistheone moment as soon as I put it on just how every bride imagines it’ll happen? No, and I’m ok with that. Actually, I feel better that I didn’t have that. I’m a thinker and I don’t like making decisions based on an emotional first impression (an impulse buyer I’m deinitely not). It was when I had been in it for an hour and STILL would not take it off (“I’m not ready to change yet, is that ok? Just a couple more minutes? Can I just you know…like…walk around in it a little more?” “I just wanna do another sit test” “I can totally see a photo like this: (insert bridal pose here)”) that I knew I had found THE party dress!

Wouldn’t you just love to twirl around in this? { dress by etsy seller ILuvUTutuMuch }

So, I have to wait until April for when it comes in (good thing, or else I might be tempted to try it on…every day…) and maybe I’ll post a picture then from the fittings.  SPEAKING OF WHICH…

Um, ok, how much did your alterations cost???? What would be a reasonable cost? I’m just so nervous that “you get what you pay for” goes for alterations too…Anyone know any really good, reasonable places who do wedding dress alterations in NJ/eastern PA?