How Many Bridesmaids Does it Take to Help You Pee?

Love the above cards from Stinkerpants.

I’ve been having a battle with both me vs myself and me vs my mom, over the number of bridesmaids I plan on inviting to be part of the wedding.  I’ll spare you the details because it simply comes down to this, it’s either 2 or 11.  I either have only a matron of honor (sister) and maid of honor (friend) or I have them both plus by 9 dearest friends, none of who I can spare or cut.

My mom cannot swallow the idea of 11 maids and thinks it may be tacky.   However, I cannot swallow the idea of not having my best friends involved in my wedding day, regardless that it may look a little out of control to outsiders.

I know what you are going to say, “Go with your gut.”  And that’s what I plan on doing.  It’s just sooooooo hard to go against your mother, a woman who is helping finance the very wedding you are battling over.

How do you handle situations like the one above?

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