Dressing up the ladies: the search begins

I realize I have yet to tell the story of my own dress-finding adventure…but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer because right now I’m ALL about making my ladies look fabulous!

Finding the bridesmaid dresses was not exactly something I was looking forward too.  That’s not to say I don’t LIKE BM dresses…I just have never been a BM myself and have no idea what it is like on that end!  The whole act of forcing my friends to spend their hard earned $$ on a dress they might hate and in a color they would never otherwise wear just didn’t sound fun to me.  Thus I avoided searching for BM dresses like the plague.

Sure I had some “ideas” if you will…I envisioned cute purple dresses on each of my girls carrying bright green flowers…smiling and dancing the night away all the while telling me how FABULOUS their dress is and how they CAN’T WAIT to wear it again and again and again….  ok so maybe my “ideas” were more like bride-fantasies.

Anyways…one of my go-to BMs assured me that it is up to me ultimately…and I should pick something I like.  I agreed and thought…actually yes there is one dress in particular that I keep seeing and really really like…

from Nordstroms

It is cute…affordable…the perfect deep purple color I was hoping for…oh and has been all over the wedding world…

via Jonathan Canlas


above pics by Ken Luallen via Style Me Pretty

I had my heart set on this dress…the neckline would match my dress perfectly (as if that really matters…but hey!).  So what’s a girl to do when her bridesmaids all live states away…and the dress isn’t carried in stores?!  …I’ll tell ya what she does…she pulls out the cc and buys two dresses in two different sizes for two different BMs.  I figured…I was going home soon…I could have 2 of my ladies try it on and see if I/they liked it or not…and if the latter occurred…then I could just return them!

Well…turns out…BM-sister 1 was not all that thrilled about the dress…it fit…but would need some alterations to really fit her body nicely…and well it just wasn’t all that flattering on her.  So I figured next I’d see what my BM-S thought about it…


It actually looked really cute on BM-S…and she liked it…minus this one tiny thing…

*last 2 pics via BM-S mother

the back…there is this weird-seam thing going on.  No not terrible…but just kinda weird looking.

So I headed back to SLC discouraged and bummed that the one dress I had my heart set on was probably not going to work.  BUT…leave it to the world of wedding blogs…a few weeks later a fellow bride-blogger sent me an email with a different BM dress option…

stay tuned for part 2 to find out what lovely dresses on Etsy started an emailing frenzy between the BMs …and ultimately led to finding the dress…or should I say dresses…

*author’s note:  Please don’t think that I dislike this dress…in fact I LOVE this dress…if you are having your maids wear it…or have worn it I envy you.  It just didn’t end up being the dress for “my” ladies :)