Becoming a Bride on a Rainy Day

Yes, I woke up to rain on my wedding day. Every bride’s worst fear. I laid in bed for 20 minutes, listening to the raindrops hit my window, but I felt surprisingly serene.

Then it was off to Escape Salon, where all of my best girls met me for primping and pampering. The salon staff couldn’t stop talking about the weather. Three women said it rained on their wedding days, and they’re happily married. Two women said it did not rain on their wedding days, and they’re divorced. Of course everyone said it’s good luck. I always figured that was just to console the brides facing wet weather, but maybe there’s some truth to the statement after all!

Despite the many attempts to turn the weather into a positive circumstance, I could not help but pray. “Please stop raining. Please stop raining. Please stop raining.”


{photo credit to bridesmaid}

As much as I wanted to believe the rain would stop, I also knew I had to be prepared. And so I asked my bridesmaids to stop at Boscov’s on the way to Lauxmont Farms and pick up as many tan colored umbrellas as they could get their hands on. I thought these would nicely compliment the red ones we had purchased earlier that week.

And then we were off to the wedding venue! The third floor of the stone house was reserved for us, and once we reached it, the mothers and bridesmaids got to work arranging the dresses and accessories.

They hung my perfect dress from a padded hanger that said “Soon To Be Mrs.” — a surprise gift from my mom.


And sticking with tradition … Something Old: a piece of fabric from my grandmother’s wedding gown, which we pinned to my bouquet. Something New: jewelry from my parents and Daisy perfume from my groom. Something Borrowed: my great aunt’s mirror. Something Blue: my garter.


{photo credit to bridesmaid}

The photographer caught this hopeful bride checking the sky.


And then the moment every woman looks forward to — slipping into her gown on her wedding day, accessorizing, and seeing herself just as her groom will see her.

My mom helped to prepare my dress — a job only a mother can do.


And once it was on, the girls helped to make it perfect.



Then I saw myself as a bride for the first time!


Next my sister/Maid of Honor helped with my necklace.


And my mom helped with my earrings, while my dad looked on.


I slipped my feet into my shoes. And, of course, my toenails matched.


The transformation was complete! And our photographer used his artistic eye to get some really lovely shots. I felt so much like a bride in each of these moments. Composed. Confident. Beautiful. (even though the rain was falling outside)




So, friends, my advice to you is to stay focused on the true purpose of the day. Ask your bridesmaids to block your view of any ominous clouds and pour yourself another glass of champagne. Think about seeing your groom for the first time, whether it be indoors or out. The wedding will happen no matter what is falling from the sky. But if Mother Nature does decide to give you the gift of rain on your wedding day, I say “buy more umbrellas!”

{photo credits to Robert Winton unless otherwise noted}