Juggling Life and Wedding Planning

Sometimes when I’m roaming wedding blog land, I am amazed at what bridal bloggers can do in their spare time. How do they keep up with their wedding and have a full-time job? How did they make their own wedding dress and stay sane? What do you mean they baked their own wedding cake?? I am so impressed by all the talent out there, so much so that I often feel like bowing in front of the computer hailing “I’m not worthy!”

Well, y’know, not really but it makes for a funny and geeky visual. :)

Last week I started graduate school part-time. I have a pile of papers, two empty Starbucks cups and a bag of chips to prove it. In addition to my full-time job, some volunteering, wedding planning, and blogging, I’ll be reading theory and writing papers at night. As I embark on this new chapter in my life, I thought it’d be an appropriate post to throw out to the wedding community–how do you fit planning a wedding into your life? And if you’re already married, what would you have done early on in the planning to alleviate some of the stress in the final days before the big event?