Tables = super exciting

Well, at least that’s what I keep telling myself because it’s all I can think about these days!  Fortunately, it’s not the tables themselves or really what’s going on them that’s keeping me up at night, it’s the gosh darned table numbers!

I know exactly the shape/size/dimensions of all the tables and where they’re each going to be located in the reception space – my poor, sweet Caroline at High Hampton spent several hours with the rental company coming up with a design that I liked (I strangely have an aversion to round tables, which made this all much more complicated that it otherwise would have been – I’m sorry, Caroline).  Also, I have a wonderful florist doing all the centerpieces and overall table decor and my amazingly crafty mother is making all the table runners.  I keep thinking I should feel really good about the tables, and trust me I do, I just can’t for the life of me figure out what I want to do about table numbers!

There are so many cool options out there and I can’t seem to narrow it down… please help me!  What do you think of my top three ideas (pictured below)?


These are from The Craft Pedlars and go with some of the other pieces from our wedding (like the invitations and our seating cards), but they seem kind of pricey ($3 per number) for something that is cute, but ultimately not a big wow factor… but I keep going back to them, so maybe it is worth it…

I love the idea of chalkboards, too, and this could be used elsewhere in the reception (like menus with the food):

(image from little white book)

I also like the idea of flashcards, especially because Brian is a pretty big math nerd:

(the above is from Susantique’s on Etsy)

And if you’re going the flashcard route, do you really have to do numbers?

ABC flashcards found on Etsy


This Etsy retailer has vintage 50 states flashcards – and with all the moving I’ve done, it would be appropriate!

There are so many other flashcards out there (Presidents, musical terms, foreign languages…), it could be fun to experiment…  but really that is just making my decision harder!

Do you guys have any thoughts on this topic?  I’d also be up for making something, I just don’t know where to start – I think I need to pick an idea first…  Help!