Approaching the 1 year mark…

…of being engaged….and we still have 8 more months to go.

some random thoughts at this point:

1)  On a “wedding-related” phone call the other day…the lady on the other end told me CONGRATS! with a lot of excitement…it took me a minute to realize she meant about my engagement…because ya know…that happened SO 12 months ago…

2)  I went to try on my dress/see it for the first time since I bought it 4 months ago…I told the lovely lady behind the desk that I bought it in June…getting married next June…she replied “oh yeah..I did the whole ONE-YEAR engagement thing too” (expressing that it is a looong time)…I didn’t correct her.

3)  A few weeks ago we received a Save-The-Date from a couple friend of ours getting married a little more than a month BEFORE us…we haven’t even designed ours yet.  (PS…they got engaged this summer)

4)  Within the first 6 months of being engaged I got my ring cleaned oh around 10 times…since then…maybe once.

5)  Thinking about Christmas I got excited thinking it will be our first Christmas as an engaged couple!!….oooooh waaaiiittt….nope…we were engaged last Christmas.

If you had (or have) a long engagement I think you know where I’m going with all this…it kinda sucks.  I feel like I should be married already.  I think a “typical” engagement of a year or less is very laid out…you have “check lists” dedicated to this time-span of being engaged…what about us long-timers??  What?…can’t you make us a “special extended version” with things like:

26 months out:  Subscribe to every bridal magazine out there…in fact…just go ahead and order 2-years worth because after the first year is up…you still have another one to go!!

24 months out:  remember to remind your possible venue that yes you DO mean the following summer…not this coming summer still 8 months away.

22 months out:  continue to stalk blogs during your free time..but don’t get too excited…because really…you can’t possibly make a definite decision right now about napkins…by the time you get married hovercraft will be the popular mode of transportation.

20 months out:  start blogging…what else are you gonna do with your time…at least you can start gathering ideas and then cross them off when they go out of style before your wedding.

So to my fellow long-timers…here’s to another 8 months of keeping the smiles going…the “OH THANKS…I KNOW…SOOO EXCITED!!” when someone congratulates you…continue to watch fellow bloggers  plan their entire wedding, get married , and finish their recaps all before you send out your invites.  In the end the result is the same…no matter if it took you 5 or 55 months to get there…MARRIED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

and hopefully those extra months will make us like this…


and not this…

Ok ladies…please reassure me that I am not the only one that has a long engagement!!  …and tell me…what do you do to keep that newly-engaged excitement going??