Wedding Movie Marathon!

At some point during this whole wedding process, I’m really looking forward to having a wedding movie marathon.

{ images via Netflix, collage via Brooke Keegan }

I haven’t even heard of all of these, but…

I saw Wedding Planner in the theatre, I cried at 3 different points during the movie. I lived My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Wedding Crashers might make me freak out…(please let no one crash my wedding!). Mr. and I saw 27 Dresses on the train down to Sevilla before he proposed. LOVED Bride Wars!!! Never seen Sweet Home Alabama.

I was thinking that it’d be fun the night before the wedding but I think it’s probably a better idea to get some sleep. Besides, I’m sure I’ll be finishing up SOME diy project or something.

Are you planning on a wedding movie marathon? If so, when? Any must-see wedding movies not on the list here?