Balboa Pier Engagement Photos

Sorry for the late post today everyone! EAD moved servers over the weekend, and if you’re seeing this post we have liftoff at our new home. It’s very exciting, as things should be faster around here. :) I have two engagement sessions to post today and they are both fabulous (even if they are late)!

The first comes from the wonderful Natalie Moser – you may remember Natalie, as she’s been on EAD before (she photographed Lyndsy and Elon’s awesome wedding) and I’m so excited to have her back! Today we’re featuring Cheryl and Ryan’s Balboa Pier engagement session, which could not be more adorable!



I love this photo in front of the ferris wheel. Definitely the “IT shot”!



And the cotton candy shots are too cute!



More photos from this session can be found on Natalie’s blog!

Where are you planning to shoot your engagement session? I hope it’s somewhere special to you!