Envelope Pocket Bridesmaid Cards

Last you heard, I was making the tough decision of deciding how many bridesmaids I should have, 2 or 11.  Well, we (my fiance and I) decided on all 11, and we’re sticking to it and very happy with our decision.

I wanted to ask my bridesmaids in a special way, and found so much inspiration on wedding blogs  it was hard to choose.   But when I stumbled upon a fantastic post about Elise’s Envelope Pockets, I knew I wanted to do the same, but different :).  Again, I am so thankful that I don’t have to re-invent the wheel but rather just refurbish it to suit my own taste.  Thank goodness for wedding blogs!

Envelope Cards
The front of the Envelope Pockets.  It looks like I have a pretty equal showing of blondes and brunettes!

Using the instructions from Elise,  I made the Envelope Pockets (in gold) with such ease that I am contemplating using them for my own wedding invitations.  I used most of the same categories, but changed the content to apply to my wedding.  Then as you will see I labeled the silver information cards vertically on the side, instead of horizontally on the top, and cut the cards with an exact-o-knife so that the bridesmaids could read all categories when they opened up their envelopes.  Finally, I regressed to grade school and made cut-outs of the girls and their respective hairstyles and pasted that on the front, asking them to be my bridesmaids with a silver marker.   In inserted the envelope pockets into a larger silver envelope and voila, a complete package!  7/11 girls have received my cards and responded with a resounding “yes!”  Let’s hope the last 4 do too :)

Inside of the Envelope Pocket
The inside of the Envelope Pockets

The outer envelope with labels from Paper Source.

How are you planning to ask your ladies to be your bridesmaids?