Dresses for the Bridesmaids I Don’t Have Yet

I know, I know…cart, horse, whichever isn’t supposed to come first, whatever. I just couldn’t help but post about the dresses that I’ve been looking at so far as contenders. Really, it’s more the look of these dresses and the colors that stick out to me.

I like the multi-colored look, but do you think it’ll have the same effect with only 3 girls with me? I LOVE the colors of the dresses in the bottom photo, unfortunately they are way out of budget.

{ photos by Olivia Leigh }

{ photo by Lisa Franchot via Style Me Pretty }

Here’s what I’m thinking: I choose colors for the bridesmaids and then have them choose a dress that they like in that color. I’ve also been thinking of going the Etsy route…still having the bridesmaids choose a color and then they can work with the designer to create a dress that will be most flattering to them. Either way, I want the girls to be as comfortable as possible and (don’t we all wish this?) that they can wear it again in the future.

Anyone go the Etsy route before for bridesmaids dresses?