Out of Town Welcome Bags-BAMA style

I really like the idea of out of town welcome baskets and the like but they were never really an option in my mind due to the cost & organization they require (knowing who is staying where, knowing who is coming –the rsvps were giving me enough trouble as it was). Garrett’s parents decided to get a block of rooms at the Embassy Suites solving part of that problem and Garrett’s mom wanted to make welcome baskets, so I lucked out. She used a “taste of Alabama” theme and the bags included goodies only to be found in the yellowhammer state. Here’s what they included:

Golden Flake Chips (in a variety of dill pickle, original, bbq, and cheese puffs).
Golden Flake Potato chips
(image from country living, they have a list of the best local chips in a lot of different states so if you are stuck for an idea check here! Zapps from Louisiana, Cape Cod from Massachusetts, and Kettle chips from Oregon are all ones I recognize)

Priesters Pecans (in little mini bags, divinity and pralines I believe, but they have a really tasty key lime pecan there as well)

Priester's Pecans
(from Priester’s Pecans)

Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale (regular and diet)- It’s spicy ginger ale and Garrett & I really like it, however I like Blenheim out of SC even better (and I brought Garrett a case of it when I moved down here from NC, shipping to AL is ridiculous!)

Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale
(from Buffalo Rock’s website)

University of Alabama car drink coasters
Alabama car coaster
(via football fanatics)

Both of Garrett’s parents graduated from Alabama and now I’m a fan as well. ROLL TIDE!

Fried Green Tomato batter mix from the Whistle Stop Cafe

Fried Green Tomato Batter Mix
(from Southern Groceries)

(The setting for the movie Fried Green Tomatos! the cafe is now called the Irondale Cafe and I’ve eaten there once and have shot a fashion shoot out there, it’s an Alabama staple! I’d actually never had fried green tomatoes till I met Garrett.)

The bags also included directions to the barbecue (in lieu of a rehearsal dinner since there was no rehearsal) and a lunch on the big day at Garrett’s parents’ house.

As far as other things you might think of if your wedding takes place in Alabama, Red Diamond or Milo’s sweet tea, Peanuts from the Peanut Depot in Birmingham, or something Vulcan themed.

What are you including in your baskets? Is there anything exclusive to your state or city that would be fun to give to guests?