One week to go!

Wow.  When did that happen?  The past month has just flown by and all of a sudden it’s one week until the big day!  Things have been pretty crazy (hence my sad lack of posts – I’m so sorry!), but I’ve gotten a lot of the big “to dos” checked off my list:

1. Pick up wedding dress – check!
2. Nail down all rentals – check!
3. Finalize guest list – check!
4. Put together all gifts for bridal party – mostly check!
5. Bust butt in the gym so that even if I look the same in a week, I feel amazing – check!
6. Sit down with musicians and finalize selections for ceremony and reception – check!
7. Make final menu decisions – check!

Despite all this, there still seem to be a million and one things on my to do list…  no big items (yea!), but lots of little ones.  Fortunately my wonderful fiance and dedicated bridesmaids have the reserved the upcoming weekend so we can do all the remaining wedding projects (they even seem excited about it!  though I think that may be entirely for my benefit…).

I’ll try my best to keep you posted on the goings on as they happen, but to keep you a little in the loop here are some pictures from the table number extravaganza my bridesmaids and I had a few weekends ago (they’re from my cell phone, so I apologize if they come out a little grainy…):

Mer practicing number writing

My dedicated MOH creating a beautiful script to write on our table number cards.

Monogram cards

One of my sweet bridesmaids trying so hard not to mess up while painting with a hateful brush.  More wine was in the cards after completion, for sure.

Painting table numbers

Drawing her numbers on the journals we are using as table numbers – yes, she hand drew them all!  Very talented lady…

Who else is getting married next weekend? Are you as crazed as I am?