Wedding day survival kits.

A few months before our wedding, I was really struggling with what to get my bridesmaids for their gifts. You’ll remember this (rather desperate) post?

Well, I came up with putting together what I called a “wedding day survival kit” for my girls. I started by looking for a gray handmade tote bag on Etsy (gray was one of our wedding colors) and wound up with these fairly basic bags from Etsy seller Fantella (who was great to work with!). I thought these bags were simple enough to suit all of my bridesmaids’ varying tastes. They make great casual weekend bags and are big enough to fit books, laptops, whatever!

Bridesmaids gift bag, Wedding day survival kit
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Then I went to the drug store and bought a ton of different little toiletries and travel size things that I thought might come in handy on the wedding day, like band aids, chapstick, hair spray, oil blotters, a Tide stain remover stick, a nail file, Advil and deodorant. I also got each girl a bottle of water, crackers, cookies, chocolate, tic tacs, and for a personal touch, a different magazine for each girl that I thought they would like.

Bridesmaids gifts, Wedding day survival kit
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I packaged it all together and gave it to them after the rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding. For each bag I made a handmade nametag for each girl. On the back of the nametag was a description of the wedding day survival kit. It read:

hello bridesmaid!
i’m so glad this wonderful weekend has
finally arrived! inside this bad you will find your
wedding day survival kit.
tomorrow will be a long day of running around,
getting pretty, taking pictures, and (hopefully)
dancing ’til you drop! these things will help in
getting through the day, whether you have dry lips,
need an extra spritz of hairspray,
or just something to read, i’ve got you covered.
love, the bride.

The bags were a huge hit and they all used their “survival kits” on the wedding day!