You Want to Hear About My Wedding… Really?

It occurred to me today at the doctor’s office…that when you are engaged…you can easily have a conversation with just about anyone…and at any time.  Of course the subject of discussion is… the WEDDING!!  Why is it that all of a sudden I feel like the lady at the bank that helped us set up our joint account wants to have us over for her next dinner party??  And does the pharmacy tech really care about what flowers I’m going to have on the cake table??

It’s amazing how a shinny rock on one’s finger can suddenly make everyone want to know everything about you and your husband to be…where you went to school…how you met…where you are getting married and when…the list goes on and on.  Suddenly I find myself having 30min conversations about shoes and candles with people I used to just smile at and say ‘hello!’

Then when you go to wrap up the conversation…they end it with “oh you just HAVE to bring in pictures from the BIG DAY  next time you’re in!!!!”


Really….you really want to see my wedding album?  What so you think I’m just going to lug that thing around everywhere I go? (ok myabe I will)  …and then what…so I drive through the bank to cash a check and you want me to shove it in that drawer-esq thing to you??  Or the cashier at Target…do you really want me to hold up the line while you go through every page??

I’m guessing most people say this just to make me feel good…so for that 1 min as I walk away I can think to myself, “heck yes…my weding is gonna ROCK…that’s right…you WILL want to see my pictures because it will pretty much be the most awesomest of awesome weddings ever…”

Heck…if someone brought in a wedding album for me to look at everyday at work….I know I wouldn’t complain…would you?