Posed Portraits

No wedding photography package is complete without a few posed portraits with the most important people in your lives.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for crafting and constructing and helping to bring all of our wedding day dreams to life.


Thank you, ladies! For being beverage coordinators, for arranging our flowers, for remembering an emergency kit, for bringing extra bobby pins and makeup, and for printing over 2,000 pages for our favors (details still to come!).


Thank you to my sister, my best friend, and my Maid of Honor. Thanks for everything from lending your artistic help to accompanying me to the bathroom.


Thank you to my new parents for raising the man of my dreams and so warmly welcoming me into your family.


Thank you, guys, for traveling from Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Michigan, and Germany!



We have quite the lovely wedding party, don’t we?


Groom’s Family


Bride’s Family


These boys have been friends since grade school and have as much fun today as they did 15 yeas ago.


Due to the “rain delay,” we only had about 20 minutes for photography between the ceremony and the reception. This was barely enough time to pose with our families and friends, and, sadly, this is the only formal portrait of the two of us. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great photo — I especially love my veil — but there were SO many beautiful missed opportunities: the river, the bridge, the stone wall, the wooded path. Our photographer even came a day early to scout the most picturesque spots.


Perhaps we could have gotten more formal photos together if we had chosen to see each other before the ceremony (and before the rain), but I wouldn’t have traded the thrill of seeing Nick waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs for 1,000 more photos. And, fortunately, our photographer has a keen eye for candids, and photos of us laughing and dancing and loving at the reception are a plenty.

Next: We party!

{photos credit to Robert Winton}