Macarons on my Mind

Dessert. I LOVE dessert. I grew up in a sweets loving family, and to this day my sisters and Mom will scout out the best baked goods, ice cream, and candy. If it has sugar, we love it. Growing up, my Mom would bake chocolate chunk cookies, banana bread, peanut butter sandwich cookies, brownies, cheesecake, raspberry crumble bars…and for my going away party when I moved with the boy to San Diego, she baked my favorite: banana cream pie.

This might be why I am having such a hard time finding a bakery to supply goods for a dessert table. Something always managed to be wrong, because of course, no one can live up to my Mother’s baking. The service was bad, the cupcakes tasted like muffins, the tasting was $100, the cake melted after 20 minutes, the baker(s) never replied after two email convos (this is a tangent, but I’ve had maybe 10 vendors just never reply to me after the first initial chit-chat. Sure, our wedding isn’t going to be millions of dollars in some Italian villa, and I am not some fantabulous movie star willing to plunk down $10 for each chocolate chip cookie, but please, reply to my email! It’s courtesy! It also solidifies that I will never recommend you to anyone getting married in the future!)


[The last one is reminiscent of this beautiful MS cake. Images and creations by Sweet Merveilles]

[In reality, I think we’ll try to just place a lot of macarons on some cake stands, like this display from mark it with G, via Intimate Weddings]

Recently, a very helpful EAD reader and fellow San Diego bride steered me in the direction of Opera Patisserie, a sweet French bakery just a skip away from my home. I grabbed my friend for lunch one day, and we pigged out on mini desserts. I brought home a box for the boy, and he too loved them. Opera also makes one of my favorite trends of late–macarons! They don’t specialize in wedding cakes, but everything was yummy and pretty reasonably priced. Plus, they make the boy’s favorite–fruit tart. He gets so excited about it that he says it as one word–“fruittart!!”

Has there been any area of your planning that has been nuisance? Anyone else have a list of vendors that just never bothered to contact you again?