The Blessing: Just Before

The moments (how short they were!) before we ran (walked briskly) into the church to be blessed by a priest (Epsicopal, not civil, if you’ve been keeping up):


This was fun. Somehow, in my rushed and mildly freaking out state, I got the task of pinning on Garrett’s boutonniere. I’ve pinned on lots of boutonnieres at weddings where I was photographing, but never with the pressure of it being a few minutes until our ceremony, with a husband who dislikes all things sharp and pointy, and with an uncooperative pin (that was probably too short in retrospect. So yeah, I stabbed him. Can you believe that? No wonder he’s afraid of needles! Luckily he did not bleed and does not have a nipple ring hole now. Very glad he wasn’t in a white shirt.


I’m pretty sure Garrett hates most pictures of himself (unless he took it in a mirror with some ridiculous hat or sunglasses on, or, if he has a beard and hair that make it look like he’d been lost in the woods for 6 months), but he does seem to like the one on the right with the tree, so we have success! And I like them all, of course.




I love these portraits right outside the church just before the ceremony.


Me with my dad/me with my mom placing the veil in my hair. It’s a Belgian lace veil that Garrett’s mom brought back from her last trip to Belgium.


Next up, our Blessing!

All images by Kristen Stewart Photography and Je Vois Photography, edited by me. (Please always credit photographers and sources when re-posting images, thanks!)

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