Our Corn-Country Love-Bird Wedding Poster

I never actually planned on having a wedding poster…it just kind of happened…here’s how it all went down.

Back toward the end of September I won a free poster size print from a blog giveaway!!!  (hooray for winning!!)  When I got the email with the info on how to redeem this free print…I noticed I only had ONE MONTH to come up with something!!  Well there goes my grand plan of waiting till after the wedding and having one of my favorite pictures printed.  I briefly toyed with the idea of dressing my two cats up in little outfits and taking their picture and having that printed*…but I quickly convinced myself that no…I should really use this for something WEDDING related!

That’s when I remembered all the lovely wedding posters I had seen on Etsy!

via ello there on Etsy

via unless someone like you on Etsy

I loved the simple/whimsical/fun tone of these posters!  I thought to myself…how cute would it be to have something like this displayed at our wedding reception and then later hang in our home…a keepsake of our wedding for us to treasure long after the day is done!?!?  SOLD!  Now…if I only had mad design skills (trust me…If it isn’t clipart I can insert into powerpoint…I’m clueless)…oh but maybe I can find someone to design one FOR me!!  I mean this blog-world is FULL of awesomely creative peeps!!

So that’s exactly what I did…I contacted the talented Budget-Savvy-Bride turned awesome-designer to see if she could whip up something fun and Nebraska-ish for me.  I sort of spat a lot of random ideas at her (“I want corn..and a windmill…and some little cute birdies…and a lot of open space for signatures!”)…which I’m sure sounded totally nuts.

Well bless my little heart…the girl pretty much took the image RIGHT OUT OF MY HEAD and put it on paper.

So without further ado…I give you…Our Corn-Country Love-Bird Wedding Poster…


sorry…had to blur out the date…gotta keep some stuff private.

Ummm…is it not super-amazingly-perfect?!  I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!  The plan is to have our wedding-party and immediate family sign it at the rehearsal dinner…and then display it at our reception…and later in our home!!  Oh wedding-blog-land…how I love thee!!

Anybody else having a super-awesome wedding poster??

*kidding…I would never dress my cats in little outfits…ok fine…maybe if they actually let me I would…