Jumping on the Vintage Stamp Bandwagon

I loves me some vintage stamps. Tell me that by next summer they won’t be overdone?

{ image via Wiley Valentine }

{ image via Wiley Valentine }


{ images via Jenna Hein }

{ our own Elizabeth’s vow renewal invitation stamps }

{ image via Nothing But Bonfires }

So I started collecting my own for our wedding invitations:

{ photo by me }

The individual ones are all 3 cent stamps. The sheet is the “Legendary Baseball Players” set of stamps. Mr. and I are huge baseball fans and so he was thrilled to learn that I was thinking of using them.

Again though, I have a feeling it might be tricky to put the right ones together and not make it look like color vomit on the envelopes. Anyone have any hints of grouping them? Or know of any other stamps that might look good with these? Do you think they’re going to be too colorful and I should just start over?