Holidays already? Gift Ideas!

belt from j.crew, $55; nikon d90 for newbie photo enthusiasts with wealthy santas, amazon, $794.95; snuggie, $14.95, image source; faux fur muffler (I have always wanted a muffler! I think one of our american girl dolls must’ve had one), from urban outfitters, $28; mustache necklace from etsy seller little angels jewelry, $11.99 (I want one); dj hero from gamestop, $119 (for PS3); julian scarf with hidden pockets, from wintercheck factory, $30; ambigram flask from red letter gifts, $20.99; scarf necklace from etsy seller Mlabel, $40.

I can’t believe it’s so close to Christmas. I feel like I’ve been in some time warp since [intlink id=”19789″ type=”post”]our blessing[/intlink] and now it’s almost December! I usually do every kind of shopping (except grocery, and that’s rare because we eat out too much!) online and I’ve become exceedingly aware of how long it takes to ship things. So I have even less time. I feel at a complete loss of what to get the people in my life (and as you get older it’s hard to know who you’re buying for!).

So, newlyweds especially, what are you getting your husband?
Your new in-laws?
Your parents?
Your friends?

I’d thought about giving both our parents wedding albums for Christmas but I’ve run out of time, orders for those have to be in early November and I was swamped back then. I should probably be running to etsy, because it’s the greatest thing ever, but even there I get pretty overwhelmed. I feel like I’m at an age where we don’t really need anything, so why would we inflict additional goods on the people we love? I’ve come to appreciate food as an expression of love way more these days.

Oh, and a fun gift idea for newlyweds (that we actually received but haven’t had a chance to test out yet, we’ll have to ask our only other set of married friends to play):