How To Succeed In Planning a Wedding…

… (without losing your mind)

Ed Note: I kept a little surprise from you when I announced the unveiling of the new design… What is it, you ask?  It’s the fabulous Jessica Claire!  She’s stopping by EAD this week to recap her gorgeous wedding for us.  Please give her a huge welcome!  I’m so excited to read her wedding planning adventures…

“I’m not going to be that crazy girl,” I said indignantly to anyone who would listen.

Famous last words.

Having seen literally hundreds of weddings first hand over the course of my ten-year photography career, I felt sure that planning my wedding would be a piece of cake (pun intended). I knew the style I wanted, the colors, and most importantly the guy, so what could be so hard about it?

Someone should have washed my mouth out with soap from the start.

I’ll tell you right now, lovely brides-to-be–you have a long road ahead of you. It’s a treacherous journey, filled with obstacles such as family drama, changing bridal parties, and yes, even dress conflict. Oh yes, it’s all for a good reason–standing there in front of God, my friends and my family pledging to love Jeff was the best moment of my life. But

(isn’t there always a but?)

It did not come easy to me. I’d guess that had I known what I was in for, we maybe would have found ourselves in Vegas six months earlier.

I’m here this week to take you on a journey of trials and tribulation, but also great triumphs and victories–a war story.

The story of planning my wedding.

More coming soon…

{Jose Villa}