On the Morning of the Wedding…

I’m not really sure how to begin to summarize our beautiful wedding, where to start putting into words the emotions I experienced that day.

It was a shiny, bright blue day in Boston. Warm, but with the first strains of fall detectable in the breeze. I remember driving from the hair salon to the hotel to get dressed and my cousin observing that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

We woke up together, in our own bed. Nerves steady. Smiling, we stared at each other. Trying so hard to hang on to this moment, to be in it. It’s our wedding day, baby.

Exchanging our gifts for each other, then walking together through our neighborhood to pick up bagels and cream cheese. Back home, we toasted with mimosas I made with the champagne I’d been saving since my trip to Napa this past spring. We practiced our first dance. Then I twirled around the apartment to the Dixie Cups’ “Chapel of Love”.

Spring is here, the sky is blue,
Birds all sing, as if they knew,


But the play-by-play doesn’t do it justice. How can I explain the serenity I felt getting my hair and makeup done with my mom, mother-in-law, and bridesmaids in a basement salon on Newbury Street, or how when I put on my dress, I truly felt, despite all my insecurities in the months leading up to the wedding, that I looked beautiful.


In truth it’s hard to remember every single moment. I remember when the flowers were delivered, how utterly perfect they were. I remember my mom helping me get dressed, how she was buzzing around me, zipping this, tucking in that, kneeling to help me put on my shoes. My bridesmaids coming in and gasping. Them getting choked up and me just laughing. Them bustling me up and me just laughing.


Posing for the photographer on the red chaise in my parents hotel room. I could almost step outside of myself and see how poised and collected I looked. And that feeling of calm ringing true inside me .

Today’s the day, we’ll say I do,
And we’ll never be lonely anymore.


And then every feeling stepping aside except for excitement. To see Andreas for the first time, and have him see me. Being lead onto the Rose Kennedy Greenway. I could see him waiting, his back to me. Knowing he was nervous, feeling bolstered by that. Him seeing me for the first time. My dear groom. His expression, looking me up and down in amazement. You look stunning, he kept saying, over and over. He looked on the verge of tears.

Because we’re, going to the chapel
And we’re, going to get married.


Stay tuned for more wedding recaps coming up soon.

All images credited to Allegro Photography