Our Private Dinner

I know my wedding feels neglected, I apologize. I’ve been so excited about new things & planning for them that the wedding feels like old news. It was the best day ever, but now I get to be married instead of planning for it! This is a far better stage for me. Plus, now I can focus attention to friends that are getting married (3 in 2010 so far!)


My mom, Linden (one of my bridesmaids), and I prepped all of the centerpieces on the day before the wedding. I’d originally planned on all ranunculus, but truth be told it would’ve taken at least 600 stems and I ordered 300, so the rest were button mums. I had some white teapots that I used the ranunculus in, and filled all the blue with the mums. They weren’t particularly hard to make and not all that time consuming either. We used green floral foam to stick the stems in (we cut it into pieces small enough to fit in the teapots and used a pen to create holes so we wouldn’t damage the stems by cramming them in). We used Davis Wholesale Florist in Birmingham for the mums and the prep space (they were super helpful and offer delivery for cheap! I highly recommend them for DIY brides) and fiftyflowers.com for the ranunculus (I was also impressed with their customer service).


I loooove food. We had mini BLTs, strawberry field salad, shrimp & grits, bacon wrapped scallops (though, they gave us huge scallops at the tasting and miniature ones at the wedding. we had words), fruit, roast beef tenderloin with horseradish, and pork loin with rolls. Garrett and I ate privately before so we didn’t even see the food set-up. I’m really glad we have pictures. Plus, we never got our to-go plates. Note to brides, assign someone to bring your car around (we walked to our car in a very anticlimactic shuffle) and assign someone to take your food to said car.



You’ve [intlink id=”18748″ type=”post”]heard about the cakes[/intlink] by now. I may stick to making pies for the next few years to avoid reminding myself of the stress that was the cakes.


The private dinner was nice, even though we didn’t have the typical wedding day. The sign in the background flashed “Congratulations Kelly & Garrett!” some of the time which was fun. If you get the chance to eat separately it’s well worth it!


Photography by Kristen Stewart Photography and Je Vois Photography, edited by Spindle Photography.