Our Custom Monogram

Remember how I found the CK monogram in that book of vintage monograms?


Well, I asked my mom to play with it (as you may recall, she drew the orange tree for our Save the Dates too) and here’s what she created:


Which I then sent over to UPrinting to have made into stickers!


They are 2″x 4″ and I plan on investing in a rotary cutter in order to slice them in half to  2″x 2″ stickers. That way I’ll have 500 monogram stickers :) I also want to get a 2″ circle punch because I think I’d prefer them in circles rather than squares. Although…what if I corner punched them like our Save the Dates?


Now to figure out what to use them for…So far I’m thinking as stickers on our favors but I’m also thinking of making napkin wraps for the reception and perhaps we could use the stickers to seal the wrap? Or also as an enclosure for part of our invite? Out of town bags somewhere? Lots of ideas.

It’s totally awesome how excited my mom is about these! Makes me happy that she is such a big part of the creative side of the planning process so far.

And while we are on the subject of monograms, how beautiful would this moss and succulent masterpiece be using our monogram?


{ images via The Bride’s Cafe }

Seems totally doable…DIY steps here.

So what do you think?  How can I incorporate the monogram into the wedding without it being over the top?