Colorful Bridal Bouquets

When picking the flowers that you’ll hold for “the walk” (and of course, the rest of the day, too!), it seems like there are really only two options: to color, or not to color!

While I’m known to be ever-pro the monochromatic palette [like, I’m really, really into monochromatics…], this is an area that my mind flip flops around. I absolutely adore a colored bridal bouquet. I think it’s a statement. It typically pops against the dress in such a unique way. I think flowers are so gorgeous and as much as white flowers are lovely, they do turn brown more quickly than colored flowers will after a long hard day in the sun. Now- don’t take that as a warning. Just entertain the idea of taking the risk of holding a bold color against your lovely white dress!

The PROS of holding colored flowers as a bride:

-Brings in the colors of your wedding to your ceremony site. If you’re getting married at a church, typically you’re a bit more limited on how much ambiance you’ll be bringing into your space- so say it with YOUR flowers!

-Stands out against your dress in your pictures

-Hello, you can match your lipstick (or at least, contrast your lipstick) and then you’re ALL poppin’, all over the place

-Brings a modern elegance to your wedding

-Gives you the option to give your bridesmaids white flowers, which will be the contrast to YOUR flowers, as your flowers are the contrast to your dress (and their flowers are the contrast to their dresses)

-It’s fun. Seriously.

Some pictures of real In The Now weddings this year where the brides packed a serious PUNCH with their flowers:

Erin and Justin, photographed by Mathieu Photography and flowers by your favorite EAD blogger [and team of course]- ummm ME!


Erin designed herself an inspired blue and yellow summer wedding [with a bird theme, to boot!], and it was only natural that her beachside soiree lent itself naturally to bright and bold yellow bouquets for her and her ‘maids!


Here, Erin AND the girls are all holding yellow. The wrapping is slightly different for the bride, and also Erin’s bouquet held different flowers [and was clearly bigger in size] than the other girls. The bridesmaids also had daisies -a staple in the reception [and one of E’s faves] incorporated into their bouqs!


Some of the flowers featured in Erin’s ga-ga-ga-gorge bouquet: highlighter yellow [no, seriously] dahlias, all yellow irises, mini calla lilies, freesia, and spray roses!

Cecile and Julian’s Huntington Beach reception was essentially, florally speaking, all-white, so this eggplant bridal bouquet gave the perfect stand-out piece and let everyone know who the bride was! Images for Cece and JJ’s wedding courtesy of Jason Q. Tran and flowers, again, by the team at In The Now Weddings!


Cece and JJ’s wedding was actually a varied pallet of kelly green, eggplant, and white with grey as the accent color [and the color that the guys donned that evening]. The purple was only truly featured in the bridal party [and not really anywhere else- which gave their wedding an oh-so modern feel that I love so so much], and was the perfect way to truly honor those that shared their day with them!


Cecile’s fabulous bridal party ROCKED IT OUT in two different bridesmaid dresses in varying shades of purple. We actually LOVED the unexpected hues of the dresses together and it tickles me to see it in images. Cecile opted for the stark white bridesmaid bouquets in sheer contrast of their deep purple bridesmaid dresses. The results? Fabu, of course!


Some of the flowers that made it with us through the 100+ degree photo shoot the day prior, AND their cozy coastal reception: lilac colored tulips, deep purple carnations, some varied alstroemeria, and of course those decadent nearly black mini calla lilies. We went for flowers that could withstand both the elements [heat] and flowers that are known to be hearty and last long!!

Kristina and Cesar’s fall wedding was a lush autumn wonderland! Her deep red [dreamy, creamy] bridal bouquet courtesy of Commerce Flowers was near literal perfection against her dress!! I can’t thank Erin and Louis Palos enough for putting their love-in-life with their stunning pictures!


You can see how Kristina opted for a fresh fall-inspired mix for her bridesmaids, which perfectly tied into their reception flowers! More than that, as much as Kristina didn’t opt to wear a dramatic red lip that day [though, if anyone could rock it, um, hello, THIS GAL COULD HAVE], the reddish-toned lipstick of all bridal party members really gives the perfect compliment in these images!!


And one deliciously sunny-lit image of the couple together (who are equally delicious to spend time with):


I must say- this image just wouldn’t have the same feel without the dramatic red of her bouquet!

Hope you’re having a colorful week- whatever that means for each of you! Sometimes the “color” in our lives is truly what reminds us that we’re alive. Be thankful for it, whatever it may be- drama or virility! Live it up, my peeps!