Our Boston Wedding Portraits

Hi friends. Time to continue our journey back through the wonderfulness that was our wedding in September. I know these wedding recap posts have been a bit slow coming, but you should count yourself LUCKY because we still haven’t finished our the thank you notes yet, which for me, I assure you, is excruciatingly guilt-inducing, but we’ve just been far too scattered and busy to tackle such a project! Honestly.

So, where did we leave off? Ah yes, my dapper groom and I were off to frolic around sunny Boston for pictures and get my dress all kinds of dirty but me in my freakishly calm I’m getting married today nothing can bother me state of mind of course didn’t care. In fact, it was one of my favorite parts of the whole day, when we got away from the wedding madness for an hour and paused to revel in the moment.

We’ve gotten lots of compliments on this picture (curiously, the one where I am least visible… just saying) and some have even observed an Abbey Road-esque quality about it. Dave snapped this up in the approximately seven second gap in traffic. Brave photographer, he is.


We started at the carousel on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, which our wedding planner had suggested at the last minute as a possible good place to shoot. We went, not really knowing what to expect or how it would work. When we got there, a ride was just ending, so we went to the booth to buy some tickets (Andreas thinks I look sad in this photo but I think it’s more emo-chic, non?).


When we got to the booth though and explained the situation to the carousel operator gentleman, he was kind enough to not only allow us on for free, but to let us go on all by ourselves to take pictures – even though there were about five people waiting. They all didn’t mind though and so we had a nice little public photo shoot moment.


While we were on the carousel, a group of teenagers approached us and excitedly explained how they were on a scavenger hunt and one of their tasks was to take a picture with a bride and groom and could they please please please take a quick picture with us please? And of course we said yes! I love me a good ol’ scavenger hunt.


Then it was off to Beacon Hill, one of the oldest and most charming parts of the city where we had decided to take our pictures. Here we are dreaming about owning a house up there.


We must have crossed this little row of stepping stones about five times. Oops. I mean… totally candid special moment!



As lovely as the photo shoot was, we had to soon head back to the Wang for more pictures with our wedding party and then of course, the wedding itself. I remember when Dave and Jo looked at their watches at quarter to 4 and announced they had to get us back, and thinking, “Holy crap. We’re getting married in an hour.”

Not very eloquent, but what can you say? When you’re getting married.

When you’re getting married in an hour.

Stay tuned for more…


* all photos credited to Allegro Photography