A Trendy Wedding Blog Wedding

I can’t say I was one of those girls who had dreamed about her wedding since she was little. So this left me at a loss for where to begin planning a wedding since I knew I did not want your traditional cookie cutter affair.

So I bought some wedding magazines and I logged on to The Knot and I discovered wedding blogs. Pretty soon I had so many clippings I didn’t know how to keep them all straight. I made a binder (I never used it!) I started a wedding file on three separate computers. I swear I’m an extremely organized person but the world of weddings was messing with my brain.

And one day I thought, why not start my own wedding blog? Even if no one reads it I could use it as a source to keep all of my thoughts and inspirations in one place. And thus, c is for charmed was born. It was a great way for me to interact with the many other wedding blogs and a great resource for the plethora of projects I wanted to do, but wasn’t exactly sure how or where to start.

I made an inspiration board a la Snippet & Ink:


I followed Weddingbee brides which led me to the perfect seating arrangement to compliment our ceremony…

{photo from Weddingbee}

And Once Wed’s DIY seating card project became the perfect inspiration for my own as a way to utilize our candy bar.


{photo by Aaron Ingrao, edited by me}

I guess what I’m trying to say is that so many of us see so many wedding trends that you end up feeling like your wedding is one big trendy affair. But guess what, I can guarantee that 95% of your wedding doesn’t read wedding blogs (unless you have a lot of newly engaged girlfriends). So use them as inspiration for your projects! Trust me; no one at my wedding knew that colored socks and converse sneakers weren’t something new.

{photo by Aaron Ingrao, edited by me}