Classic and Festive Wedding Party Attire

Hi All,  Happy 2010!   Since my engagement has been on the long side (18 months) I’ve been spoiled with time and been taking it easy…but that’s all changed.  It’s less than 6 months till the big day and I am feeling the pressure to make decisions and plan, plan, plan!

I chose my 11 bridesmaids a few months ago with envelope pocket cards promising to take them into consideration when picking the dresses.  True to my word, I sent out an email last month listing three dress scenarios and asking them to vote for their preference.   I wanted to make it as easy and affordable and possible so I went with the following three choices:  1) Bride will pick a color at JCREW, and bridesmaids can choose any dress in that color  2)  Bride will pick a color, and bridesmaids can pick any dress they want  3) Bride will choose several dresses at a store (Nordstrom, White House | Black Market, etc) and bridesmaids can choose one of those dresses.  ,

To my great surprise, 9 out of the 11 bridesmaids voted for Option #1 – J. Crew!  So I set up an appointment to try on bridesmaid dresses at the Georgetown J. Crew with my bridesmaid Kate.  Going along with my “au natural” vision for the wedding, the only colors I was interested for the girls’ dresses were cream, tan, grey and gold.  However, after Kate tried on those colors, we came to the conclusion that they not only washed her out but also showed every wrinkle in the fabric and weren’t very forgiving….  I was paralyzed – I had no Plan B….but I knew I would not make the 11 girls wear a color felt uncomfortable with.  After much deliberation, we chose NAVY – a slimming color that exudes class still.  I’ve asked the girls to pick out any short,  cotton, navy dress at J. Crew and wear silver shoes (FYI, if you order the dresses from the store with a student or teacher ID, you get 15% off).   They’ll be carrying bouquets of white flowers with lots of green leaves and be escorted by groomsmen in classic tuxes with no vests.

Although my vision was thrown off and my color choices were vetoed, I am even happier with this new vision.  The new color choice also brought me too an additional decision I am excited about – the flowergirls and ringbearers outfits!  When I thought the bridesmaids were going to wear neutral, I was going to have the kids in classic white…however, now that my maids are in navy, I’ve decided to have my two flowergirls and ringbearer in Polish folk costumes!  They will add a festive pop of color and preserve my cultural heritage in pictures forever.  I am so excited!  So without further ado, here is my updated inspiration board on what my wedding party will be wearing.


How has your vision for the day changed along the way?