I DIYed My Own Flowers

With so much of our wedding being DIY why stop at the flowers right? So I decided to do all the flowers myself and ordered them online from fiftyflowers.com and wholeblossoms.com. I highly recommend this option for brides who have a limited budget and aren’t looking to do anything to formal. My flowers were very wild and whimsical, which made arranging pretty easy. But definitely prepare some mock-up arrangements beforehand to make sure it’s what you want and so that you can have help in re-creating them for the wedding day — because for most brides, you won’t have time to be making bouquets and centerpiece arrangements!


My inspiration for my bouquet was from Flush Designs and thought it would be relatively easy to recreate. It didn’t have to be exact but I loved the fluffy white flowers and contract of the succulents. So I grew some mini succulents, ordered some fluffy beautiful pale, pale peach cabbage roses that would look similar to peonies when opened.

{Flush Designs}

Well, my bouquet ended up looking NOTHING like my beloved inspiration bouquet. The farm harvesting my particular kind of garden roses was being hit with some serious weather and they weren’t producing properly. And I was majorly chickening out. I didn’t follow my own advice of preparing a mock-up bouquet prior to the real thing and as the time crept up on me; my bouquet was not my priority. So as you will see, my bouquet was a very simple gathering of champagne garden roses. And it was perfect! Flowers were definitely not a source of stress for me.



As for the centerpieces I knew very early on that I wanted to incorporate mason jars into the design. I had thoughts of incorporating milk glass or silver bowls in as well, but I eventually came full circle back to the jars. My mom already had a bunch and I was able to score some pretty good deals on the turquoise Ball jars on ebay, so the whole design was relatively inexpensive.


The brewery where we had the wedding has the gorgeous antique clawfoot tables and I couldn’t imagine covering them up with table linens. So we opted for simple ivory runners my mom made from some English netting. I think the whole look was very vintage-rustic-casual. Three varying sized jars housed clusters of peachy Hydrangeas (from Whole Blossoms — they were HUGE!) flirty white Ranunculus, deep purple Trachellium and happy pale purple wax flowers.




* unless otherwise noted, all images by Aaron Ingrao and edited by me