Save the Dates

I sent out the last save the date this morning!


I’m surprised they were all able to escape Nala’s teeth.


She’s like a ninja! I was trying to take an “in-the-process” shot and she just hopped up with a swipe of her paw. What a pup!

Although the design is old news, I did want to share one little thing that I did that made my life easier. Might be pretty common sense, but hey, if it helps make another bride’s life easier than it’s worth it, right?

I addressed all the save the dates in my wannabe-architect handwriting but didn’t really have any guide to make all the lines straight. First I tried lightly drawing guide lines with pencil but then everything got smudged and yucky and you could see the eraser residue on the postcard. Yuck.

What I ended up doing is taking an extra save the date, tracing lines, and then cutting out blocks with an exacto knife.


That way, I could make sure that everything lined up and was spaced correctly. Also, on the bottom line I made little markers for the spacing of the zip code so that I could spread it out.

Totally made the process easier!! Anyone else have a favorite fun little DIY tip for invites?

{ photos by me, beautiful illustration by my mom, design by my bridesmaid Julie }