Cupcakes Take a Stand

We are going to have 17 dozen Sprinkles Cupcakes. 4 black and white, 4 vanilla, 4 peanut butter chocolate, 3 red velvet, and 2 coconut, for a total of 204 cupcakes. I cannot wait! Now the problem is finding a way to display them.

I just bought two red cake stands from Target for $20 each (because of Valentine’s Day, our colors are everywhere!) and am continuing the research. I’m on a cake stand roll, so I thought I would share some of my finds for anyone looking for cake stand inspiration.

{Whitney Smith makes all of these cake stands in her ceramics studio in Oakland, CA. Check out all of her pieces, she is one talented artist! Bird cupcake stand, Whitney Smith, $38}

{Oooh la la! These beauties from Clara French Ceramique are gorgeous. Rental prices range from $45-$95, and prices start at $160 to purchase.}

{Hobnail milk green cake stands by L.E. Smith Glass Co. look so sweet, and also come in ice blue, pink, amber, and crystal, and start at $40.}

{This adorable scalloped stand by Etsy seller vessels and ware is customized for your wedding and comes in a variety of colors. $64}

{For the couple that doesn’t want to diy but is still on a budget: Wiltons, $20}

And of course, there is always DIY! Click here for a tutorial for a tiered tower made from cake boards at Cake Journal; click here or here for tutorials using recycled plates and glasses.

How are you displaying your dessert?