Ceremony Musicians

I’m really bad at keeping secrets.  Well, wait, that’s not entirely true.  I’m really bad at keeping secrets that are mine that I’m really, really excited about.  There was one big one at the wedding that I wanted to tell everyone about because I was so excited, but I didn’t!  I kept telling myself that the guests would enjoy it that much more if they didn’t know it was coming…  What was the big surprise?  We asked the Generals, Davidson’s male a capella group, to sing at our wedding!

{Angela Stott}

In the initial planning stages, we really struggled with finding the musicians for our ceremony because nothing we came across felt right or like us… Then the idea of having the Generals came to us and I’m so glad they agreed to be a part of our wedding.  They could not have been more perfect.

So, what did they sing?   Well, for starters, they learned Ben Harper’s Forever to sing when I walked down the aisle with my dad…  This song is the closest thing Brian and I have to “a song” but we felt it was too slow to dance to as our first song — it was really special to have it sung as I walked towards him, though… They also sang Coldplay’s The Scientist (when the grandmother, mothers, and bridesmaids walked down the aisle) and Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars (as we walked down the aisle as newlyweds!).

{Angela Stott}

They also preformed at the cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony, which was fun because they were pretty low-key at the ceremony (they didn’t want to be distracting), but they are known for being great performers!  They sang a bunch of the songs from their most recent album as well as some new ones and really got into it.  They did a great job and everyone (especially Brian and I!) loved them.

{Guest photo}

How cute are they?!

What are you guys planning to do for your ceremony music? Any surprises up your sleeves?