Bridesmaids Dress Hunt

Now that I’ve chosen my bridesmaids (finally!), this weekend I went with one of them to start looking for dresses. I wanted to go the retail route rather than the bridal store route…thought I’d find dresses that we liked better for the price. Not to mention I can’t wait 6 months for dresses to come in.

I wanted to get different dresses within the same color palette like the photo below:

{Belathee via Style Me Pretty}

We went to a retail store (that will remain unnamed), and it may have been one of the most frustrating things (aside from the guest list) so far in wedding planning. I had high hopes for the store since I love their stuff to begin with and I love the weddings I’ve seen where all the girls wear their dresses.

Well, the girl treated me like what I had in mind was the worst idea ever. She acted like I was wasting her time and she didn’t even entertain the idea. Because obviously it looks heinous in the photo above. She did say that if I was going to go with different colors/dresses that I should go with blue – one of my other thoughts.

{JAC Photographers via Green Wedding Shoes}

I like how the blue dresses really make the flowers pop! And I think it helps my non-matchy feel. So, at least we made that decision, but still, the blues at the store were just WAY too drab. They would be great for a fall wedding, but I just don’t think they are summery enough.

So, after a nice breakdown when I came home (spent a good amount of time in the Macy’s in Herald Square looking at HEINOUS dresses…that will kill the fun), the search continues.

Gave in to the bridal stores though…heading to Priscilla of Boston with two of my bridesmaids next Friday. Excited for these dresses! Hoping that they work out and we can find some more inspiring colors!

priscilla-dress1 blue-strapless-bridesmaids-dress

priscilla-dress2 priscilla-dress3
{images via Priscilla of Boston}

Anyone else have more trouble finding bridesmaids dresses than their own wedding dress?