DIY Grapewood and Grass Centerpieces

We all value different things above others.  Some people value large homes, others value luxury vacations.  Some spend their money on Louboutins and others on good meals.  Some spend money on it all!   Therefore its only natural that your wedding also reflects your values.  Cutting costs on certain items does not mean you are cheap, but just that you’d rather spend your money on things you value more.

We are spending money on liquor, food, and our venue because in our context, that’s where we get the most bang for our buck.     For us, we believe our venue is beautiful in its own minimalist way and just needs a few unique centerpieces at the bars and tables to highlight its stark beauty.   We are not planning on spending money on flowers or cake (more on the cake in another post).

{Where dancing and drinks will be held –  The Atrium}

In addition, dinner will be served on a seperate floor from the dancing, where the ceilings are low and the tables will already feel cramped, so we didn’t huge centerpieces blocking people from seeing one another or making the room feel even smaller.

{Where dinner will be served:  The Loft}

I spent MONTHS agonizing over this and even started meeting with florists because I thought it was too big a job for me.  And after about a dozen crafty/experiment FAILS, I almost signed a contract because I was too overwhelmed… but this week I think I’ve finally nailed it (no pun intended) – see below my grapewood and grass centerpieces!

I loved the idea of having artistic braches along our tables but wanted something a little more decorative then just branches.  I found this amazing post online with DIY instruction on how to turn your grapewood branch into a candelabra with the following tools:  a drill, roofing nails, super glue, grapewood branches, and tealight holders from Ikea.  I spent 30 minutes following the directions, added some green dried flowers for a pop of color, set it on a burlap runner, and VOILA, my very first centerpiece exactly how I imagined it.

grapewood candelabra centerpiece wedding ideas

Literally five days after I constructed this candelabra centerpiece, I saw it for sale at a luxury home goods store in Houston….for $225!  Moreover, I like that  this is something my guests can take home and use for years.

Since my wedding is in June, the beginning of Spring and Life, I thought the perfect compliment to the stark branches would be the first sign of life in the Spring, grass!  I’ve lived in studio city apartments for most of my life, I do NOT have a green thumb.  So when my wheatgrass hadn’t sprouted 3 days after I planted it, I resigned myself to the fact that I would not be using them to add the dash of green life I so desperately wanted.   I went out of town for 4 days, but when I returned to my apartment, this is what I found…


It’s a miracle!

I’m not sure what containers I’ll be using for the wedding yet but eager to experiment more.  Despite the days of work these crafts will involve, I am super excited to make them myself and with my bridesmaids.   Wheatgrass is ridiculously easy to grow and the grapewood branches are so beautiful lit.   I’ve finally found what I was looking for.

Have you experimented with DIY centerpieces and flowers?  How did it go?