Our Wedding: The Photobooth

Ahh yes, the photobooth. I had been looking at photobooths since before we got engaged and it was one of my big must haves early on. I was willing to splurge to rent one, even. Enter mad amounts of stress that made me want to abandon all of it, except for the part where Garrett and I would be married.

My photographers (who are also friends of mine) set up the booth for me and hired someone to press the button. We discussed remotes but I just know someone would’ve accidentally dropped it into their pocket. Plus, drunk people going to check and see how the pictures are turning out = disaster. We limited the hours on the photo booth so our poor photo attendant could go home at some point. We were hoping for a legitimate backdrop holder but it didn’t arrive before our date. I don’t think anyone really noticed/cared. And now I have the yellow fabric for future projects, which is pretty special.









Lessons learned for future brides:

1) Create a sign to direct guests to your photobooth, let your DJ know in advance to announce it, several times.
2) If you are doing it yourself, make sure to order too much fabric, it’s better than not enough.
3) If possible, have a handout to let guests know where they can see the images later.

I say all of these things because I didn’t do them. And while I really love the images we did get, most guests didn’t know about the photo booth since it was in a separate room at our venue. Signs are great. Make signs.