Building a Wedding Website

Having a wedding website was a must for us.  Most of our guests are in our age group and rather “fluent” with technology.  We want to keep our paper invitations simple and classy, so we decided to personalize our website with details about us and our wedding.

There are many websites offering an easy DIY format where you insert your wedding information for about $100.  We elected to build ours on the iWeb Mac program, which allows us to personalize the website with additional details/tools than the standard format offers, but also costs about $100/annually to host.

Here is a snapshot of our “Welcome” page with our wedding logo (the passport stamp), a map of Africa in the background (the continent that brought us together), and some photos of our travels.


Here is a snapshot of “Our Story” page.  (I cut off the top of our picture b/c the screen was too long). We are avid travelers so we included a list of countries we have visited together and added a poll that allows guests to vote for our honeymoon destination.  We added our story and some background info  so our family’s guests got a better idea of who we are.


The next page “June 12, 2010” outlines the details of our day such as the Ceremony, Reception, Hotels, Registry, and map, and has a countdown timer at the top right-hand corner.


The “Wedding Party” page showcases our gorgeous friends and their relationships to us.

The “Photos” are home to 3 albums: Us, Family, and Friends.

And last but not least, the “Chicago” page lists our favorite places to go and visit in the city, hyperlinked, for all of our out-of-town guests (over 60%)!


This website has is a constant work in progress but the more I spend time procrastinating with it, the more personal it feels.

What website builders do you recommend?  What special items did you include on your website?